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Aside from an academic ballet education, he also performed pieces from world famous choreographers such as John Neumeier and Nils Christe on the outstanding stages of Paris Opera's Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille.

Starting ballet in Tahiti, he was quickly spotted as a potential student for Paris Opera School of Dance. It is soon before director Claude Bessy's departure he integrated the school as the last student she would accept.


First Tahitian ever to graduate from Paris Opera Ballet School, he has been wondering through Europe ever since.

From the essence of Classical Ballet to Contemporary Dance, his career took him on the path to restless exploration.


After graduation, Paul Chalmer worked with him in the Leipzig Ballet. There he danced many Classics and pieces from Uwe Scholz. He had his first opportunities as solo and demi solo and performed a world Premiere by acclaimed choreographer Marco Goeke. He also took part in pieces by choreographers such as Mauro Bigozetti, Glen Tetley and Yuri Vamos.

professional start

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Victor Ullate offered Mikaël to join his company, where he started to perform solo roles from the begining.

In Madrid, he studied acting which later on gave him the opportunity to present a documentary about climate change for La Sexta, a national TV channel.


Besides dancing, he discovered a new aspect of physical excellece and joined a team of  Springboard Dives.

The former international principal dancer Eric Vu An, appointed new director of the Ballet Nice Méditerranée, invited him to join his team.


Focusing on a more neoclassical Repertoire, he performed pieces from Nacho Duato, George Balanchine and David Parsons. New creations by renowned choreographers like Lucinda Childs are still regularelly hosted in this theatre.

back to germany​

Mikaël participated to the Ballet Augsburg's last production under Director Robert Conn.


Simultaneously, he would start as a soloist in the Ballett des Staatstheaters Cottbus, where he would work once again with Nils Christe. There, he kept on exploring a more contemporary Repertoire.

new horizons

The Tiroler Landestheater in Innsbruck is the lastest company Mikaël joined, and where a new position has been created specially for him.

moving & Static


About him







Connecting dotes on the path of his career made him aware of the influence cultures have one with another. His tahitian origins not only defined the character of his artistic essence, but also guided his steps towards respect of the land he is from. Such a value pushed him to take actions for environmental causes everywhere his journey takes him.

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